Hey Santa – These are not the Presents I Want!

funny santa

How to make this holiday season more authentic and aligned with who you are and what you want. 

Yoooow – is your email box filling up even more than ever?  Do you feel overwhelmed with invitations, offers, stuff you should know but don’t, people who expect a response now? All this and holiday shopping too?  I certainly am getting inundated and think it’s time to call HALT!  These are not the presents I want, Santa! (insert your own Holiday gift-giver here)

Let’s shift the equation and see how you can get more of exactly what you do want.

How many hours a day do you spend at your computer, supposedly getting things done towards your goals and dreams, and yet at the end of the day – or should I say night as so many of us work long into the night – you don’t feel you’ve been productive or that you’ve moved closer to your  goals? 

OK!  Enough!!  It’s time for a new plan!  Here’s my gift to you on not just being effective but feeling good inside because you know you’re doing what will lead to your own success.

Instead of just reacting to all the emails you get (plus social networking, mail and phone calls), consider at the start of each day (or even the night before) what is it that needs your highest attention?  Look at what small acts will move you closer to achieving what you desire.  Let each day begin by working on what is your highest priority.  Ask: “who do I need to contact?” instead of looking to see “who’s contacted me?” 

When we are reacting to others, the end result is that we’re usually helping them achieve their goals.  What we are proactive and set our own agenda, we most likely are working towards achieving our own.  Just another tip on maintaining Sovereignty in your life!

I hope you get everything you really want this year.  Let’s talk – post a comment on how you are or are not being pro-active in making that happen.


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