MY TIP FOR HOLIDAY SURVIVAL: Family Drama: How Not to Play

Have you ever noticed how similar the scenarios are at the holidays to going to see a really dramatic play?  Everyone is playing well-developed characters that they have done for years — the Peacemaker, the Drunk, the Misfit or the Clueless Clown – these are roles that are deeply ingrained, often since we were children.  And so are the reactions we have to them.  I call it ‘getting hooked’.  In Buddhism they call it ‘shempa’.  Whatever you call it, it’s a recipe for reliving the past over and over and ultimately being disconnected and isolated from your True Self.
This year, try something new. When you start to notice yourself becoming anxious, misunderstood, lonely or hooked, pick a word for yourself to create awareness that you’re about to leave the present moment and pick up the lines of an old, dissatisfying script.  It could be “Stop” or “Breathe” or “Gingerbread Men” – as long as it reminds to you come back to now where you have full choice what to do. 
Many times clients have shared that when they are with their families at the holidays, they lose their connection to who they really are now.  This is just one way to begin to leave the theatre and start creating your present day production that ‘s aligned with who you really are.
 If you want to discuss this or other ways to create a more authentic holiday experience, call me (970)259-9040 or email  Be the conscious creator of your Life now.

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