I Feel the Moon in my Body

Last night I felt the moon in my body. I stood in a meadow way up in the Rockies, with about 500 other spiritually-minded friends, listening to the teacher Michael Beckwith. My hands were on my heart, my face was pointed to the crystal blue sky as it was deepening into cobalt. And there was the crescent moon. As I raised my eyes upward, I felt that moon, that ever-present ‘She’ energy fall effortlessly into my body.

For days now since I saw some musician friends perform a week ago, I’ve been singing the song ‘There’s a Moon in my Body”. The song by Cyprian Consiglio, a Benedictine monk, was inspired by the Sufi poet Kabir’s poem. It speaks to what is already here, yet that which I am not aware of. It speaks to the oneness that is beyond our sight – but not beyond knowing.

How do we know these things that we can’t see? What senses must we find in ourselves to feel the love and mystery of the moon in our bodies?

For me, taking extended time in nature – falling in love with trees… admiring the shape of a rock and it’s steadiness as I sit on it… listening to the flowing poetry of the stream – Nature is always my best teacher!

So that’s why I have a big summer retreat for women! Inviting you to come sit with me and listen to the Beloved’s conversation, so we might both, once again, be open and innocent, together. This is my invitation to you now.

2 Responses to “I Feel the Moon in my Body”

  • This is so beautiful, Victoria! And I am so entranced with Michael Beckwith. I had the honor of meeting and hearing him speak a few years back. Spellbounding! I would love to attend your mountain retreat…but I don’t feel it in the cards this time as much as I would like it to be. Bless you for doing the vision quest…I have done a little through Denise Linn’s work. I will send it out to some other coach buddies of mine who are not retreat coaches…they may be very interested!
    May the moon and stars light your evening heart always!
    Sharon from Kentucky

  • admin says:

    Thanks Sharon, for sharing your experience here. What I love about Michael’s message is that he’s calling on us to hear our own – if we listen and pay attention – which is what Vision Quests are all about! The circle is unbroken!
    Watch for news on the retreat here – Change and embracing it are right in the forefront.
    I hope we meet soon. Blessings, Victoria

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