Leap and Let Go!

We’re all on a Journey.  I’m sure you’ve heard the call – whether it started as a gentle whisper in your ear, a far-off dream of what could be down the path for you.  Or, if you didn’t respond or explore it, perhaps it came back louder, with more of an urgency to pay attention.  I’m hoping you didn’t wait until it really blew something up in your life — that’ll surely get your attention but carries a lot more surrounding debris afterwards.

Ok, so you’ve heard the call and you’ve chosen to step out of your comfort zone to take the Adventure.  You’ve encountered lots of twists and turns along the path – some greet you like Allies, with support and helpful guidance.  Others are Ogres or Dragons that block you and test your strength and commitment to stretching.  Have you navigated by them?  Found a way to stay the course?

At some point though, when we take the Heroine’s Journey of our lives, we’re called to Leap and Let Go.  Whether you’ve done this before or it’s your first real time, we all experience some terror at releasing one trapeze bar to reach for another.  It’s part of being our Human Selves.  Yes, that is a BIG OPEN SPACE below you and it’s hard to see the bottom, isn’t it?  Why in heavens name would you let go, you ask??

Because you are a WOMAN OF WORTH AND WISDOM!  You are answering the call to live the life that is your Dream.  You are not someone who will settle for letting her Vision fade into nothingness.  You may not have all the answers (and that’s just fine) or know the exact route or way it will unfold, but you are willing to Leap and Let Go of who you’ve been in order to become who you can be!

Retreats are the place to accelerate your Journey.  They take you deeper than you can go by yourself.  In a safe and nurturing environment, you can find the courage and the curiosity to release the bar and FLY!  You won’t be alone.  You will have Sisters of the Dream next to you, calling your True Name as you jump.

Now is the Time, Now is your Moment.  This is the Season to Leap and Let Go.  Feel the Wind ready to carry you to your True Life.

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