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When was the last time you felt connected to your Wild Soul?

Whoosh Whoosh – outta bed at the crack of dawn, serving the demands of others the whole day through?   Have you even brushed your teeth?  I am noticing, on a very intimate cellular level, that the speed of Everything is increasing hourly.  Can this be possible?  I think so!

The danger here is that before we have that millisecond to catch our collective breath (remind me to come back to the breath in a moment), things will have teetered off the edge and ‘up the creek without a paddle’ will sound like a walk in the park compared to the new reality we’ll be living in.

My mission is to get you to STOP AND RETREAT.  Even just for a day.  If I can get you for a weekend, then there’s an even better chance that you might be guided to the place of softening… even melting is possible.  There in the fuzzy-focused place things will be seen differently. Visions you stopped dreaming long ago will reappear and begin to crystallize into a blossoming truth.  Your Truth. Your Authentic Knowing.  Your own sweet and inspired Clarity about what’s what.

Honestly I’m scared.  Scared that I won’t get you in time.  That the long ago dreams will have completely dematerialized and be forever gone.  I hope not but if it’s a race with that Ugly Ole Time-Obsessed , Life-Managing, I’ve-Never-Done-Enough-So-Don’t-Stop Gremlin, I’m gonna need more support than ever to get your attention.

How can I steer you this way?  What spark of aliveness can I wave in front of you?   How can I find the words that will be enough?  The truth is I don’t know.  And what works for one, will not work for the next one.   So all I can do is BE IT.  Allow my own Wild Soul not to hide.  Allow her to share with you the joy o f being in relationship with All That Is.  See those aspens over there?  Can you feel how those dazzling oranges are reflecting the light in my soul too?  Feel the beat of that song? The music is magic and my heart is helpless before it.  Looking into the vulnerable eyes of my friend and seeing her bravery in the face of more tragedy than I’ve ever known – I am humbled in our shared humanity and instant connectedness through love.  All these are the language of my Wild Soul.

Yes, I'm listening... Are you?

Making each moment mean something.  Living deeper and deeper, even though it requires bringing down the walls of judgment and comparing and hiding what isn’t perfect.

Are you game?  Are you seeking the place to pause and Breathe?  Knowing that in the suspended place between inhale and exhale lies the treasure you are.   Let’s go together.  I don’t know exactly what we’ll find but I’ve been traveling here a long while and can help when fear seeps in.  I’ve learned many tools to read the map of the heart.  And I am a spiritual warrior for calling forth courage and badger-like devotion to your Wild Soul.

If you’re ready, Come.  If you’re Willing, Join me.  If you know that you’ve already waited too long, Answer the call of your own Wild Soul.

Certified Coach/Retreat Leader Victoria FittsMilgrim choreographs Retreats and a 1:1 Coaching Practice in Durango, CO. Her last retreat for 2010 is Journey with Your Wild Soul November 19-21 in the Canyon of the Ancients in southwestern Colorado.  Space is limited and registration is open now.  Contact Victoria at .

Descending into the Kiva… What can happen on a Soul Journey into the Dark


The Journey With Your Wild Soul Retreat was originally designed as an exploration of ways to engage with your Soul’s voice – using non-linear practices that steer you away from your usual mind chatter and support you connecting with a deeper place inside yourself. We live in a culture that is on hyper speed and I believe that if we don’t slow down and take the time to connect with the depths inside us, we will lose what makes us unique, sacred beings. We’ll also miss out on our True Life. Listening to my own inner voice, I knew that I was seeking a place to hold this retreat that would offer a special environment for making this connection. Enter Kelly Place. This special inn, located in McElmo Canyon holds many special treats…. Bordering the Canyon of the Ancients and gazing towards Sleeping Ute Mountain, in this temperate valley there are over 100 acres of hiking trails to explore the 25 on-site Anasazi ruins. While this 1000-year-old Native American culture has disappeared, their architecture remains and we can engage our imaginations in discovering the past. We can also engage in bringing to light our own hidden depths in the present.

I gather one weekend each year with a group of women in these special surroundings. We laugh, cry and share the meaningful stories of our lives. We dance from our hearts to inspirational music and created Soul Collage cards, letting our Soul’s speak to us through visual imagery. But for me, the most powerful experience is always our Journey into the traditional Kiva (underground ceremonial chamber in the earth) to hear the Voice of our own Beloved. Climbing down the wooden ladder, into the dark center of the earth can be a daunting experience. We are usually taught to deny or ignore the hidden corners of our life, yet we actually grow smaller living from this fear-driven place. It is this descent, this Journey into the Underworld, that offers us a chance to meet the dark mystery of our life and use it to find the wholeness we seek. As written in this poem of the goddess Inanna’s journey to the underworld by Starhawk, there are sacrifices to be made… vulnerability to expose:

The Descent of Inanna,
The Second Gate
 The Second Gate is Fear
When you go down far enough
            It arises
            Wearing a helmet, armor
            Wearing an enemy face
            Carrying weapons
            It blocks the gate
 Fear says
            Go back
And you hear what it threatens you with
            If you go on
 Fear says
            Turn around
And you hear what it offers you
            If you obey
 Fear says
            Something you alone can hear
            And you know what it is.
 To go on
            You must take off your clothes
Lay down the cloak that keeps out the
            And the shield that turns the spear
            And the armor that turns the arrow’s
Take of your breastplate and helmet
Fear doesn’t go away
            But you walk toward fear
And the gate opens
 Past the Second Gate you dance
            Fearless in the open
            Your skin one living organ
            That embraces air

Our bodies sit in the dark kiva, while to the sound of the shamanic drums, our Soul’s take individual journeys accompanied by animal allies visualized earlier that day. My role is a sacred charge, to be still and hold the intention of each woman – to find more self-trust, to be healed, to learn their legacy – as you each experience what is getting in the way. You open yourself up risking all the things your ego threatens you with losing. And in that magical cave of Mother Earth, you find your resilience and expanded power. We gather that evening and ritually share  each of our Journeys, deepening the meaning… singing over our bones. The stories and poems that I hear bring me an overflowing sense of joy. I am surrounded by living Goddesses, as they make themselves the heroines of their Lives. Each one committed to an act that will bring alive her Soul’s longings in her life. She committs to stay in the conversation with her Beloved. And I know that the Journey isn’t over – there will be more insights as you continue to reflect on our weekend and all the Soulful practices we take part in together.

Are you living your life as the Goddess/God that you are? Are you in conversation with your Beloved? The next Journey With Your Wild Soul Retreat is scheduled for Nov. 13-15, 2009. If it sounds like something you’re interested in, please call me at (970) 259-9040 or email

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