Authentic Life / Authentic Work
Coaching for the Workplace

  • Do your employees give you their best, showing up as leaders?
  • Do you spend a lot of time dealing with communication breakdowns?
  • Do you long for a Dream Team to take your business to long-lasting success?

Solutions to these and other work place issues are yours with “Authentic Life/Authentic Work” the cutting edge program for success in the workplace.

workplaceriverrocksHow does this material deliver value to your business?
The underlying foundation for your success is Increased Consciousness in the Workplace. This idea, of living and working with full awareness, engaging authentically and with integrity is the heart of the matter. We’re talking about employees whose attitudes and actions illustrate their commitment to the Team; who use Skillful Communication and who bring Professionalism to their work.

The results of working with me to implement this model are:

  • New strategies for powerful communication
  • Greater overall effectiveness
  • Employees becoming stakeholders for success
  • A more aligned Team of Authentic Leaders

Communication and Leadership Training – The Learning Modules

Authentic Leadership Model
including Learning Values. Teaches the Victim/Player, Learner/Knower model as the first step in changing the work environment. Defines Values for Conscious interaction.

Balance through Conscious Choice. Teaches the tool of Perspective and awakens awareness to how we make decisions. Discover how saying No can really be saying Yes to a bigger picture of Balance.

Skillfull Communication, Part I
Clarifying Conversations leading to Productive Advocacy & Inquiry. Understanding our inner toxic conversations and how to detoxify them. Learn to communicate your truth authentically while honoring another’s position.

Skillfull Communication, Part II
Commitment Conversations: Requests, Apologies and Re-Commitment. Learn to ask for and get what you want in a way that builds trust and lasting relationships.

Appreciative Inquiry
A New Way to Get the Best from your Employees. Use a strengths-based approach that gets positive results by focusing on what has meaning and value.

Team Building Initiative
Experiential Learning for Out-of-the-Box Teamwork. Meeting a challenge outside the work realm, this exercise can build trust, collaboration and new possibilities for your team.

workplace.handsTeaching everyone to become more conscious is an investment in your future success and longevity. The Modules are designed to increase consciousness by following the Authentic Leadership model, learning Skillful Communication techniques, expanding personal presence via clear Values and utilizing Perspectives for more effective decision making.

Using 2-hour time blocks we design a schedule of trainings that will fit into your work schedule. They are available individually or in packages. Each module you purchase includes one 30-minute executive coaching session. I recommend 30-minute follow up individual coaching sessions with employees to support integrating the new information and skills. For optimum results, I will arrange day long or overnight off-site training for you and your staff.

Executive Coaching, Facilitation and Consulting

workplacetulipAre you being the Leader that you know you are? How do you define Leadership and what obstacles stand in the way of you realizing your full potential as a Leader?

I offer executive coaching sessions to support your vision of Leadership and it’s implementation into your business. I am also available for facilitation and consulting needs in your organization. If you need an objective eye and ear to facilitate difficult conversations, please consider my services. As a skillful, compassionate Coach I know how to create a safe space for challenging situations that you may not want to handle yourself.

Email or call me (970) 903-0803 for a complimentary consultation to see how I can be of service.

“Victoria is quite adept in staying present and focused in a manner conducive to facilitating change, both personally and across my organization.”

– Mark Kalyta, Toronto, Canada