The Heroine's Journey ™ -  One-Day Retreats

           THE VALUE of a retreat is not necessarily in time spent, but in time "well" spent. Gifting yourself with a retreat and stepping away lets you unhook from all your commitments and obligations so you can hear your true voice once again. Retreats help you acknowledge your life lessons, discover your Life Purpose, and deepen your self awareness, while having fun and staying in the moment.

dreaming-storyVision Board Retreat - Dreaming Your Story of Joy

Sunday, January 27th 9:30am - 5:30pm MST

How do you end a year and begin again? With this True Life Retreat, you will gather with others for a day of creativity, reflection and fun. Spend time looking over your past year: your successes and growth, and what is still unfinished. Be guided to your own vision of what you want to manifest in the new year. Enjoy some time outdoors. Share a delicious lunch. Then, with magazines and other necessary art supplies, create your own Vision Board – a beautiful self-expression of your best life. Tap into the magic of images and metaphor as you see your True Life unfold visually before your eyes. No art experience necessary! We’re all artists!!

DETAILS: $107 per person includes all of your visioin board supplies, a delicious, healthy lunch and a 30-minute followup coaching session with Victoria.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register by 12/31/12 and you pay only $97!


For Mom's Only

retreats-moms-2aTNDon’t you deserve a day just for you? As a woman who’s giving all the time, it’s natural you need to go to the well to replenish yourself. Join me and other Mothers for a whole day without family obligations. Take time for yourself to ponder things… to dream… to play… to share the highs and lows of the world’s most challenging and important job. Spend a day reconnecting and honoring who you are as a woman and a Mother. Complete the day feeling celebrated and brimming with a renewed sense of self.

Full day. Offered late spring. Watch the Calendar for the next Mom's Only retreat.

"To be with a woman like you who can bring together a group and have them blend together so easily is amazing. You are truly a gift. I’m so glad I gave this day to myself!"

- Kim Caldwell, Durango, Colo.

Watch the Calendar for scheduled retreats. Email or call me (970) 903-0803 
to sign up, design one of your own, or find out more about custom retreats.