The Heroine's Journey ™ - Weekend Retreats

          THE HEROINE'S Journey ™ Retreat Programs are designed to help you open the door to your True Self. And since they’re facilitated by a skillful, compassionate Coach, you go beyond what’s possible on your own. As your Coach, I will assist you in deepening your learning and uncovered meaning into action that moves you forward to your True Life!

Retreats bring the world of coaching into a group setting for meaning, joy, and self-development. After a True Life weekend retreat  you will return with a greater connection to yourself, a strong, centered focus, clarity about your next steps as you follow your own path, self-confidence, and a sense of fullfillment. You will leave the retreat feeling re-energized and renewed. As the world you return to has not changed, but you have, I offer ongoing coaching to insure you receive the support you need to move forward on your journey.


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          IN AN ENVIRONMENT providing solitude and peacefulness among ancient Native American ancestral sites, this weekend helps you listen and know the Authentic Voice of your Wild Soul. Sourced by many rich traditions of wisdom, you will explore soulful activities such as:



  • Group teaching and coaching around sacred spiritual practices
  • Soul Collage – art by metaphor and imagery from your Soul
  • Learning songs of Joy
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Visualization to meet your Animal Allies
  • Guided Kiva Journey to release blocks to the Authentic You
  • Solitude for journaling and deep reflection 
  • Poetry that touches your Soul’s longing 
  • Co-Creating Authentic Ceremony


kivaHeld at Kelly Place, a unique bed and breakfast on 40 acres near Mesa Verde World Heritage Park in the southwest corner of Colorado, in the Canyon of the Ancients. We are blessed to be allowed to use the privately-owned traditional Kiva (underground ceremonial chamber), to descend on a sacred journey to listen and let go of what holds us back from authentic living.  In sharing the gifts of our experience in a ritual manner, our intentions to live in right relationship with our deepest Self emerge effortlessly.  Complete the weekend with a full ritual basket of how to live deeply connected to your Wild Soul as well as an experience of your own Presence when you do.

Weekend retreat (Fri-Sun). Watch the Calendar for the next scheduled Wild Soul retreat.

At the Journey to Your Wild Soul Retreat the way Victoria combined the elements of that special, ancient valley where Native people had lived and worshipped for so many hundreds of years, the meditations, the Kiva experience!, and the Animal Ally visualization made for a special time for all of us who attended. I was able to reconnect to flow, to tap back into my Faith and was able to honor and express gratitude for the opening up of a new life. I left the retreat at Kelly Place in awe of the beauty and spirit of that area and a sense of peace that all is and will be well in my life. All of this plus 3 delicious meals each day - what more could a body and spirit want??!!

Thanks, Victoria!! - Fran Menley, Littleton, Colo.

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retreat-Wknd2-SpaSoulGLANCE THROUGH the phone book and you’ll find many listings for self-care for the body.  When was the last time you made time to nurture your Soul? Join me on a journey to connect with your Dreams, your Creativity, your Passion and your Life’s Purpose! Delve into the sweetness of who you are. This 2 day experiential retreat will bring you into a safe setting where you get to concentrate on what are the most delicious and nourishing themes that feed your Soul.

In Sacred Circle you will:

  • Connect with your deepest held values
  • Journey to meet your Higher Self
  • Discover and name your Life's Purpose
  • Commit to an Act of Power to align and heal Power Leaks
  • Create an Act of Beauty to share in co-created ceremony

spa-for-soulReturn home having experienced real fulfillment  – having found the place where the full force of your energy, talent, creativity and passion are present. The place that gives you the freedom and direction to choose your True Life. Come, be nourished! Gift yourself with a Spa for Your Soul.

Weekend retreat (Fri-Sun). Watch the Calendar for the next scheduled Spa for the Soul Retreat

"I came away with gems that will continue to open and influence me throughout my life. I really liked the balance between inner work, silence, reflection, and sharing and fun, free expression. This was a deep experience for me, some invaluable insights emerged. I believe this experience will continue to unfold in my life. Thanks for putting together such a powerful retreat."

- Judy Gerhardt

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