The Heroine’s Journey – 1:1 Transformational Life Coaching

Take your Heroine’s Journey with an experienced guide who calls forth your best and brightest self!

reaching-for-star-creditARE YOU living YOUR TRUE LIFE today? I mean the Life that honors you to your essence and calls forth your creativity and passion? Are you clear about your Purpose, your dreams and the direction you’re headed?

True Life Coaching is all about choosing that Life today, creating a deeply nourishing relationship with your Self and expanding your range for full aliveness as big as it can be.

What are the patterns or callings that repeatedly show up in your life, that fill you with excitement – the kind you can barely say out loud? The ones that bring you fulfillment, deep meaning and joy…

With your True Life Coach you have a safe and courageous place to be with your heart’s longings, trust the unfolding Life path that beckons you and design authentic action to move forward.

Life on our Planet is undergoing enormous Change and as we all run faster and faster on the accelerating Hamster Wheel of Life, we lose touch with any kind of true meaning for our lives. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we are called to take Journey without knowing the way. And yet, we realize that we must take it to find our way Home. True Life Coach and Authentic Soul Visionary Victoria FittsMilgrim as adapted the work of historian Joseph Campbell and create The Heroines’ Journey – A Feminine Model for Navigating Change in the 21st Century. When you have an understanding of this inspirational roadmap, with the unfolding stages and the tools for the Journey, you can navigate your Life’s Changes with more Confidence, Grace and Clarity. You can stay grounded in any situation that arises. You also come to see your Life’s Journey with all its twists and turns, and how it has been the perfect training for whatever you face now. With this inner connection to using your Journey for your greatest evolution, no matter what challenges lie ahead, you become the True Sovereign of your Life.

VFM-coaching2What results are possible when you engage in a True Life Coaching relationship?

  • Create a more balanced life through personal coaching
  • Be supported to clarify and honor your values
  • Define and set goals that inspire your creativity and passion
  • Discover new possibilities and perspectives
  • Release old habits and unproductive behaviors
  • Develop and use your intuition more fully
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence
  • Have more fulfillment in your work and relationships
  • Find your deepest connection to your True Self
  • Create unconditional success no matter the circumstances
  • Become more Conscious, Creative and Alive!

Ready to Say YES to living your True Life?



Life is a Sacred and Conscious Adventure . . .
Let Me Help You Create Yours!