2009 Extraordinary Woman Award

VFM-Shelley-MannThe Women’s Resource Center of Durango honored two extraordinary women – Victoria FittsMilgrim and Susan Lander – with the Extraordinary Women Awards during its inaugural “Girls Night Out” celebration held Friday, Sept. 11, at the Blue Lake Ranch Ridgewood Events Center.

More than 200 guests at the “Girls Night Out” celebration gave FittsMilgrim and Lander a standing ovation when Executive Director Liz Mora announced them as the award winners.

WRC staff and board members forwarded nominees in each category to the Women’s Foundation of Colorado to select the award-winner. Executive Director Gretchen McComb, who selected the award-winners on the foundation’s behalf, chose FittsMilgrim for the business award because of her passion to reach out to women to support them and positively change lives. “My selection for the Extraordinary Business Woman is Victoria FittsMilgrim. Victoria’s nominations spoke so eloquently of her commitment to her business and her clients. She is dedicated to her values, her goals, and her passion to reach out to women to support them and positively change lives. It is clear that building better community is a priority via her affordable group coaching program and numerous volunteer efforts, and that she is also a respected role model in the community. Victoria volunteers not for recognition, but because she truly has a desire to see lives changed for the better.”

The sell-out event raised more than $18,000 for WRC programs, but more importantly, said Mora, it gave the center an opportunity “to celebrate all the extraordinary women in Durango and La Plata County.”

Article information from The Women’s Resource Center Newsletter – 9/15/09
Image: Victoria with Rochelle Mann, FLC Music Professor Emeritus