The Heroine’s Journey™

Inspiring Women on a Path of Wholeness and Sovereignty

heroines-journey-stagesTHE MAINSTAY of Victoria’s work is Empowerment for Women. Creative self-expression and authenticity are at the heart of her message. She lights a pathway to Awakened Sovereignty using positive images, metaphors; humor and compassion. She calls forth the dreams, visions and purpose of her clients via insightful coaching, nourishing and transformative retreats and as a powerful and connected Speaker.

Victoria represents the Feminine Leader of the New Millenium and speaks to teach and inspire others to embody this role that is so necessary to the evolution of our world. With the uncertainty of the external world all around us, Victoria guides women to clarity from within – to find their center in the eye of the cultural tornado.

Popular culture has been directing the helm of directing human evolution for centuries. The dominant cultural groups have set forth on their mission, determining how the masses would follow in a way that benefited the largest groups with the most political and financial power.

At the end of the 20th century, cultural historian Joseph Campbell, created a template from 1000’s of years of myths and story-telling, to offer a path for The Hero’s Journey. This form was adopted by the popular culture, particularly via Hollywood movies such as Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The underlining foundation of the template however, was always a masculine model of control and violence – dragon-slaying, villain-overcoming and rescuing women who couldn’t rescue themselves.

victoria-denver-compositeToday, as we begin the 21st century and see the need to bypass popular culture’s masculine bias in favor of a more feminine-embracing model, Victoria has adapted Campbell’s model to The Heroine’s Journey. After living her own version of this template for 50+ years, she was become the expert at transition and transformation. With the coaching tools necessary for successful navigation, she has created a new template for women to find understanding, clarity and compassion for their own journeys and those of the world community.

This new model of The Heroine’s Journey supports a view of life that is rooted in personal meaning, and community. It provides an essential forum for seeing one’s life and its twists and turns in a way that brings fulfillment and clarity, not the isolation, withdrawal and despair that so many feel when faced with the lack of leadership in today’s popular culture. The Heroine’s Journey provides a positive image that points the way forward, and one that the mainstream popular culture could benefit from as it reframes the key story we all know – that of our own lives.

Through the blended hybrid format of insightful lecture that lead you through each Stage of the Journey with appropriate Coaching Tools to smooth the way, group interaction, guided personal Life Review for identifying your Stages via themes, people and events, and artistic creativity known as Soul Collage, this inspiring presentation offers an updated feminine path, available to everyone, that can support the human journey towards Wholeness and Sovereignty.

Victoria is available as a Keynote Speaker and/or Break Out Session Workshop Leader

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