When I was 35 I did my first Vision Quest near Great Falls, Montana at 4000 acre Blacktail Ranch.  It was part of a 2 week Deepening Spirit Camp with my teacher Brooke Medicine Eagle, with about 20 women from all over the U.S.  Towards the end of our time together, we each scouted a spot on the land that called to us, Brooke led a sweat lodge to purify ourselves and then we each headed out for an overnight alone on that beautiful land.  Over the next 24 hours I conversed with seen and unseen Wild Spirits.  By the time I returned I had a clear vision of what my next steps were.  There would be challenges to my success but after this experience I had the confidence to know I could handle whatever came up.  That was 20 years ago!  I’m still reaping wisdom from that first quest and the ones that followed it.
On one of my Quests, as I tried to fall asleep in my sleeping bag on a bed of summer grasses, I felt something around my feet – OMG, I thought, I’m about to be eaten!  The fear that gripped my chest was like a vise; the deep pounding of my heart was all I could hear.  For at least an hour I lay there, afraid to open my eyes, scared to find out just what was nibbling at my bag.  Something… it had to be big, scary and ready to devour me.  I was soooo sure of it.  Shine a flashlight on it?  No Way!  Too Scared!!  Finally it must’ve stopped and I fell asleep.

Upon awakening I could see little tiny teeth marks and chewed goose down feathers at the end of my sleeping bag.  Whatever it was, it sure had some small teeth – probably a chipmunk or mouse.  All my fear had kept me stuck – unable to even see what it was.  I had to laugh out loud.  My supposedly indomitable spirit put to shame by a creature no bigger than my hand. I blushed at the ridiculousness of it all.  Stuck in the dark, unable to move, I had no way to know what it was or how to make it stop. 

What fears keep you stuck?  What are you afraid to explore?  How does closing your eyes or staying a course even when it doesn’t work, hold you back from your dreams?  What hidden commitments have you got going on that keep you from realizing what you truly and deeply want today? Keep you from expressing your unique life purpose? Oh, and what is that purpose anyway??

If you’re ready for the tools to uncover the hidden commitments that your fear of change have generated, and define and celebrate the wonder of you and the special gifts you have, check out my premier summer retreat Quest for your True Life: Embracing Change with an Open Heart. (www.truelifecoach.net/summerretreats2010.htm) It’s in the middle of August, the perfect time for ripening your beauty and spirit.  We’ll meet at Horseshoe Lodge, an environmental center in the mountains of southeast Colorado.   Just thinking about the smell of the warm summer wind through the pines makes my heart expand.

I still love Quests  – and so each summer I lead a group of amazing women (YOU!) to explore, have fun and grow together on retreat.   This one has a one day vision quest for you (not an overnight ) to discover your deepest longings and purpose, and the changes you can make that will bring them alive – manifesting  your full expression.   The Quest is wrapped in 5 more days of meditation, hiking, soulful art, dancing, journal writing, solitude and group coaching circles -  come be celebrated, seen and loved.  Join me for this one-of-a-kind women’s retreat – I can’t wait to share it with you!


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