Creating Successful Leaders

Authentic Presence • Skillful Communication • Effective Action

Do you long for a Dream Team to take your organization to Long-lasting success? Creating a Positive Learning Environment in the workplace invites your co-workers to all be effective Players on Your Team. The foundation for this environment is Consciousness and Learning, which in turn, develops Successful Leaders who nurture and grow Unconditional Success!

The Model for Successful Leadership is a pyramid, with three segments making up the whole.

leadership-pyramid-BE-DOEffective Action. This is the ability to create the product or complete the tasks that are your goal. In order to reach the pinnacle, for the results you want, you have to discover the learning processes leading to the top.

Skillful Communication incorporates the interactions and communication tools used in workplace relationships in order to achieve results. And yet there is even a bigger, more important piece that you have to begin with.

Authentic Presence starts with the self, the individual. This is the platform or infrastructure that will determine the processes and the products or outcomes.

In a computer the platform is the operating system. In a human being the platform is consciousness.


Consciousness is the ability to think, notice, pay attention and make decisions, implement those decisions through our behavior, in line with our values. Without an awareness or consciousness, most of us stay in denial. We fail to notice what’s going on around us and inside us. We shoot the messenger that brings bad news and we can’t be an effective team player. Without consciousness we can’t act in accordance with the values and visions of the organizations that we’re a part of.


Learning is the dynamic process of expanding consciousness. When we learn we might get new facts about the world, learn something about ourselves or acquire skills that then allow us to behave successfully in areas where before we couldn’t achieve what we wanted.

Consciousness and Learning are very closely connected. The drive to learn is the same as the drive to expand our awareness. By learning and expanding our consciousness, we gain feelings of purpose, joy, self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment, personal integrity, and success.

Cultivating Learners Creates Successful Leaders

The Learner is fluid, doesn’t define herself by what she knows, but rather by existing in a continuous state of learning. The Learner’s self-esteem is not conditional on being right. The Learner’s identity is something that changes and grows. The Learner is commited to expanding consciousness. The Learner is an asset to any team. Encouraging team members to expand their consciousness will help insure your team’s success! Building a community of Learners will create skillful and effective Leaders.

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