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Victoria offers ‘Guidance for the Adventure of your Life.
To reach her, email [email protected] or call (970)903-0803.

VICTORIA’S WORK is all about supporting women to become empowered in order to live their True Lives – the one with the most Joy, Meaning, and Fulfillment.

She has worked in this arena since the 1980’s, with a variety of groups dedicated to personal transformation, and for the past 14 years, she has brought her creative coaching programs to individuals, non-profits, and small businesses in southwest Colorado, New Mexico, and throughout the U.S.

Bringing Victoria to speak to your organization/conference/retreat is an investment in the growth and sustainability of everyone involved.

A dynamic and engaging speaker, Victoria tells it like it is with compassion and insight. Her powerful presentations and workshops engage and inspire as they educate. Where Victoria goes, inspiration for positive change follows!

Current Presentations

Victoria currently offers 2 speaking programs to inspire and educate your group, staff, team or participants. Each presentation assists listeners to:

  • See new Possibility and Perspectives
  • Find more Fulfillment in their Lives
  • Communicate Authentically with more Effectiveness
  • Discover the Gifts they can Contribute in their own unique Way
  • Understand the Meaning and Magic of their own Experience and Journey
  • Become more Conscious and Aware, leading to greater Engagement, Commitment and Successful Lives!

Click on the Individual presentations below to learm more how Victoria can support positive change
and help you get optimum results with your group.

heroines-faceThe Heroine’s Journey

A Feminine Model for Successful Growth & Potential

heroines-flower-birdCreating Successful Leaders

Authentic Presence – Skillful Communication – Effective Action

Email or call me at (970) 903-0803 to schedule a Presentation for your group, organization, or event.

“Victoria is an excellent presenter and her passion for her work is obvious.”

“Wonderful information, very helpful.”

“Great soul presentation.”

“Skillfull speaker.”

“More presenters like Victoria!”