The Heroine’s Journey ™ – Retreats of Self Discovery

retreat-RSD1aTN-natureRETREATS bring the world of coaching into a group setting for fun, learning, and accessing your True Self. Do you long for a tribe to have fun and grow with? If you do, you’ll love the synergy and sense of community that happens on my retreats. When we align our Intent — both personally and beyond just ourselves towards a Higher Purpose, magic happens! You may be feeling burnt out or disconnected from yourself OR you may be on your path, moving forward and desiring to share the journey with others — either way, a True Life Retreat will nourish your soul.

The retreats follow a seasonal pattern, aligned with the natural rhythms around us. They range from 4 hours to a full day. weekends and week-long adventures — always in a nature-based setting. As multifaceted, experiential experiences, they include many activities such as journaling, focused hiking, creative visualizations, art projects, mindful movement, group sharing, and coaching. They’re designed to blend together an experience of mind, body and soul.

What are the benefits of a True Life Retreat?

  • A greater connection to yourself
  • A strong, centered focus
  • New ways to access your wild soul
  • Clarity about your next steps
  • Self-confidence
  • Feeling re-energized and renewed
  • Being seen and acknowledged
  • A sense of connection and support

Bring Your Creativity out of the Shadows! And, See What Happens!

retreat-RSD1bTN-artRetreats open the door to your Self. And since they’re facilitated by a skillful, compassionate Coach, you go beyond what’s possible on your own. The Coach can assist you in translating your learning and uncovered meaning into action that moves you forward to your True Life. Experience more aliveness and confidence on a True Life Retreat.

All Retreats are for Women Only except Custom Retreats. They are held in beautiful settings where we can explore nature. The locations are always chosen to provide beauty and comfort. Meals are healthy, delicious, and mindfully prepared.

“I learned what it feels like to give myself permission to put me #1 – in a gentle way that’s as essential as breathing.”

– Barb Horn., Durango, Colo.

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