Breakthrough to your Heroine’s Great Story

Discover the True Life that your Soul is Seeking


Choose the Guided,
 step-by-step process to Inner Transformation
that leads to more Joy, Freedom, and Authenticity.

We live in a world that expects us to defer to its wishes for us. It demands you set aside what makes your heart sing to climb the ever-higher ladder, mimic the beauty of people a quarter your age and work harder for the status of bigger and better stuff. So much conspires to push you to follow values and standards that are not truly your own. Even the old voices in your head, deeply imbedded with comforting strategies for getting your needs met, offer false guidance.

starburst_redAre you longing for a life beyond all the endless striving and effort to reach a mountaintop that never seems to be within reach?

starburst_redWhat would it feel like to know your deepest passions and live them each day, fully engaged in the world?

Finding your True Inner Authority and becoming the Sovereign of your Life’s Adventure creates a powerful and compelling presence. When you discover the passions that ignite your Soul, and know the pathway to the Triumph that is yours and yours alone – not a mountaintop but a deeply rooted connection to aliveness and freedom – your life will change. You will resonate from the inside out with an authentic joy. This is the joy of coming home to your Great Story.

Is this what you’ve been longing for?

What is your Great Story? We all share the winding road to full adulthood and becoming the potential that we’re born with. How far and when we get there varies greatly though from person to person. Usually in our 50’s, or sometime near then, we want to understand more fully our life’s design and how to move beyond pain and struggle to embody the Great Story that is our Soul’s Calling.

Many of my clients come to me, looking for an experience of the Sacred where they can discover the meaning of their Life’s Journey. Rather than skim the surface of their time on this Earth, they are seeking a connection to the deeper Mysteries of Life – they want to answer the call of their Soul.

Take this Life-changing, Transformational Adventure
with me as your Great Story Guide

On the Heroine’s Quest to Breakthrough to your Great Story, with my support, you will become empowered to move beyond the limitations of the past in order to claim the potential to live your greatness. You gain a profound understanding of your life’s design. You accept and heal the wounding of your past that had you choose the safer path. You rediscover your genuine passion and illuminate a True Vison, grounded in authentic motivations, that leads you to your most fulfilling future. You get to BE YOU more – here and now – than ever before!

I’ve designed 2 exceptional programs to choose from:

A Deluxe Heroine’s Great Story Coaching Adventure

heroines-flowersA Six month adventure with all the tools and support for uncovering and living your Great Story that includes 2 private Retreats with me in Colorado – one to begin the Adventure, setting the context and building the foundation for True Transformation, and a second Retreat to conclude this exceptional Journey. In between the two retreats you receive 14 sessions of 1:1 Great Story Coaching- moving weekly through this step by step transformational process to understand your Life Design, be empowered to heal patterns of emotional pain and limitation and learn the extraordinary blueprint for naming your Triumph, Passion and Grace – the components of living your Great Story. Click here to learn more about this Deluxe Adventure.

Your Custom True Life Great Story Retreat

heroines-flower-birdA 3 day/2 night Custom Retreat, designed for exactly where you are now on your Heroine’s Journey. Settle in to the picturesque lakeside retreat home, where natural Beauty abides. Step away from the demands of anyone else in order to hear and answer the callings of your Soul. Follow the experienced guidance of your True Life Coach Victoria and begin to uncover your Great Story. Laugh, Dream, Open, and Discover what it means to be the Sovereign of your Life, with full power and responsibility for every moment’s unfolding. Increase your ability to speak the unique language of your Soul through sacred art. Silently listen to the deep wisdom that lives in the Earth surrounding you. Expand and define a Future Vision that becomes your Ally for living your True Resonance right now and in every moment. Click here to learn more about the Custom Retreat program.