Discover the Great Story that your Soul is Seeking

on a Custom True Life Retreat in Southwest Colorado


I know how busy life is and how you keep running on the Hamster Wheel with what seems like no way to get off and no opportunity to discover and implement your best life. Now is the time to join me in Colorado for your customized True Life Retreat at one of my favorite special Rocky Mountain secret spots. This inner adventure will take you on a Journey like none you’ve experienced. This is your chance to change the game of your life to one that inspires you and grows the Sacred seed of greatness that has been residing in your Soul all along.

I know all about that ole Hamster Wheel! I’ve had two successful businesses since I became my own entrepreneur at 30. For the past 10 years I’ve specialized in unique retreats (in high mountains, on deep rivers, and in tropical jungles from Costa Rica to Thailand) that brought women together in beautiful out-of-the-way places in nature to be able to listen deeply and find themselves again. My business became my ‘baby’ – to whom I gave all my attention and even though they were focused on what I’m most passionate about, I had to finally put up my hand and say STOP! As a Professional Coach and Retreat Guide I have designed, marketed, coached and guided my clients to their own amazing transformations. Now it was my turn! This past December I took myself on a retreat to Bali for two weeks (I was already living in Thailand at the time) and on a custom, self-designed retreat, I found myself again. All the wonder and innocence that fuels my creativity returned – but not until I pushed PAUSE and allowed myself to step off and be guided back home.

So you see . . . it can happen to anyone!

Wizard-of-OzJust like Dorothy had to take her Journey – which included rich support (her deeply devoted friends who represented intellect, emotions and courage) and facing up to some nasty witches – you too can accept where you are and begin again with a rich, new perspective. Now I am devoting my coaching skills, intuition, and love to your Journey with the one to one laser focus of my True Life Custom Retreats.

starburst_redAre you longing for a life beyond all the endless striving and effort to reach a mountaintop that never seems to be within reach?

starburst_redWhat would it feel like to know your deepest passions and live them each day, fully engaged in the world?

I believe we can rediscover the authentic joy that lives within us. And having an experienced guide to lead you there can make the difference between spinning your wheels (dumping lots of money with no results) and regaining your sense of Self that is confident and clear. The ‘You’ you’ve been dreaming of… before you stopped dreaming.

There are oh-so-many reasons that women today need a retreat – here’s a list of just some of them.

  • Women who don’t feel inspired, who have lost their creative juices
  • Women who don’t know what their unique purpose in life is
  • Women who want to shed the masks of convention and expectation (the ‘shoulds’)
  • Women who have broken hearts from unhealthy relationships
  • Women who want to be in touch with their wild feminine, but can’t remember how
  • Women who don’t know how to say no
  • Women who want to celebrate passages in time: transitions, birthdays, retirements
  • Women who are ready to LIVE THEIR GREAT STORY!

Be honest – do you recognize yourself in this list?
What is the price you are paying to live this way?
Is NOW the time to say YES to restoring your own Aliveness?

You may have a strong Inner Manager who’s been directing your life up until now. These old voices in your head, deeply imbedded with comforting strategies for getting your needs met, offer false guidance. They offer the safe path, the worn path. This is a very different experience than building a Sacred relationship with your own Soul, hearing the messages it sends and taking authentic Action. When you live this way, you resonate with a magical Presence that attracts all kinds of Abundance that is beyond what you can see is possible.

Willowtail_lake_paintingRetreats are not a vacation, they are an opportunity to step away, into the beauty of Nature and reconnect with the heart and soul of who you are. They provide an opportunity to reflect, renew, laugh, share, be still, and celebrate yourself.

Retreats are an ideal way to reflect and receive new insight into your life. On retreat with a Professional Coach you gain greater clarity and awareness about your patterns and beliefs, and the discernment to embrace the Changes necessary to shift your world. You receive wise guidance to create authentic action steps to take home with you and make a part of your daily life.

We all have blind spots – it’s part of our humanity. That’s why when you go on retreat with a Professional Coach/Retreat Guide, you go beyond where you can go by yourself. Your Coach brings the compassion that nurtures your heart and the rigorous stand for you not settling for less than your True Life… your Great Story! Are you ready for your Champion who won’t give up?!

Where will we go together?


I am sharing with you my secret treasure location here in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado!

I’ve chosen to have you step off the Hamster Wheel and into the genuine beauty of nature at Willowtail Springs!

The Lake House there, a fully furnished home, will be your base, with its dramatic mountain and lake views and the large outdoor deck. Delicious fresh, locally-made breads, eggs, coffee and juices are provided for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are provided as well. If you want to skip a meal to visit a local restaurant in Mancos, that can be arranged as well. There is a boat and a canoe for just relaxing or for fishing in the stocked lake (catch and release with barbless hooks.) There’s plenty of instant gratification as the fish are abundant and biting! The property abounds with many types of birds from eagles to owls to songbirds to ducks to hummingbirds and herons. The gardens are lush with hammocks and benches carefully placed for enjoying the grounds. And the soothing hot tub sits on a rock outcropping above the lake and is a special spot for stargazing after dark!


What will happen then?

Lake-House-lakeStepping away together is the perfect way to deepen your relationship – with yourself and with the healing and expansive power of nature.

On your True Life Retreat I will design a custom experience for you using a combination of the unique Heroine’s Great Story program and some of the subjects below. I have years of experience guiding women into this terrain. Each one strengthens your connection to your deep self and gives you the necessary awareness to experience more joy and freedom each day.

  • Living as the Sovereign of your Life – Who determines your Happiness, Joy and Freedom? What is important and meaningful to honor each day?
  • Using Emotions as a guide to Action. What is your Emotional range and history? Where do you stretch out of your comfort zone in true authenticity?
  • Perspectives of Abundance – viewing each moment from open possibility. Including the Meta view/Micro view, from eagle to mouse
  • Skillful Communication as a tool for effective relationships. How to tell the truth, with Integrity, even when you know it will be difficult for others to hear.
  • Connecting to the Energies of the Seasons – What are you harvesting your experience of the half of the year already experienced?
  • Soul Art: your inner language of imagery– what emerges when you listen deeply and access your Creative Muse?
  • Calling your Beacon Futures – engaging with the Future as an Ally for actively living in your true resonance in the Present Moment.

When we come together next to the quiet lakeside beauty with the San Juan Mountains as the backdrop, personal discovery will happen using many Soulful Practices including sacred conversation, soul-directed Art, creative movement & music, and solo time to listen in nature. Each of these has the power to reveal the longings of your deepest self.

ARE YOU READY for some powerful discoveries about yourself in a compassionate and playful environment? Do you like your learning in a Big Chunk with the spotlight completely on YOU?

Here’s what some of my clients say . . .

GreatStory-testiimonialThe value of my Custom Retreat was off the charts! I don’t see myself in the same light as before. I arrived ready to let go of learned behavior and take the steps to truly honor myself. With Victoria gently guiding me through some rough waters, I came away from the retreat with increased awareness and a new understanding of me. I continue to find new value in each day. When you’re ready to look honestly and deeply within, wonders appear and old beliefs fall away. I can’t begin to thank Victoria for the difference she has made in my life.”

Gwen Williams


“Victoria holds a loving and tender space for your soul to emerge from the shadows. Her curiosity and willingness to explore is the call to adventure that each of us yearns to hear. You will be in good hands with Victoria as your guide to your Great Story!’

Carol Ross,

“I learned I’ve never lost my inner strength, just lost touch with it. This experience will have a life-changing impact for me – I already feel that I have altered my path. Victoria’s exceptional guidance allowed me to touch an inner strength I’ve been trying to reach for years.”

Charly Alexander

“Working with Victoria is like having a mirror that shows me the image of my authentic self, not the image that is never enough or has all this improvement to complete before I can love myself. She helped me rediscover my source of power and use that power to make life choices that align with my values and desires. I am more alive today and now when I look in the mirror I see me, and it is enough. Victoria provided a safe and challenging environment and I showed up with a little bit of courage and a willingness to try – that’s all it takes!”

Barb Horn

Is a True Life retreat calling you?

Click here to complete the confidential Great Story Application process. Once I’ve reviewed it we can set up your Complimentary Discovery Session. We’ll have a heartfelt, sincere conversation to help you determine the right next step.

It is time to move beyond limitations, where only parts of you are fully accepted and loved, into a new landscape of wholeness and beauty, where you Breakthrough to your Great Story!