Breakthrough to your Heroine’s Great Story


Deluxe Heroine’s Great Story Coaching Adventure
A Guided, Step-by-step Process to Inner Transformation
Leading to more Joy, Freedom & Authenticity

We all share the winding road to full adulthood and becoming the potential that we’re born with. How far we go and when we get there varies greatly though from person to person. Usually in our 50’s, or sometime near then, we want to understand more fully our life’s design and how to move beyond old pain and struggle to embody the Great Story that is our Soul’s Calling.

This is when we are standing at a Crossroads and we need a new path to travel.

Here’s what I’ve heard from you.

In the last few years I noticed I was hearing the same stories from my clients. There were consistent themes and here’s some of what they’ve told me:

Many of them were feeling as though their life was going in circles. As hard as they tried to overcome challenges in their lives, they just could not seem to break out of old patterns of endless striving and at times exhaustion, resentment and helplessness. They seemed to always end up in the same place. Feeling they wanted more freedom to enjoy life but that their deepest passion and grace, and it’s full expression, continued to elude them.

Others told a story that was similar to my own story. They see themselves as Spiritual Seekers or True Pilgrims (my family name isn’t Milgrim for nothing you know), who sense the world is in the midst of a huge transformation and are eager to play a role in the new paradigm. While they feel they are living a good life, feeling grateful for the love of friends and family, enjoying travel and play, they also feel there is something more they want to contribute. Having taken my Heroine’s Journey Coaching programs, and touched the Treasure there, they were looking for new ways to express themselves and platforms for delivering the gifts they have to offer to the world in it’s Great Turning.

All of them are feeling the pull of their Soul, calling them to make changes but not knowing how to do it or even understanding who or what is calling them.

In my own Journey around this ever-deepening spiral in recent years, I too have moved through a new transition, entering a new landscape as a woman on her own, child raised, and coming into an era of Elderhood. My own Calling asked me to find more stillness, embrace a period of Sacred Active Waiting and allow the Breakthrough to my Great Story to emerge as well.

This is not the easy way. Neither our culture, nor the committee of overachievers in my head, are comfortable with the waiting… it’s seen as ‘doing nothing’.

But it isn’t nothing – it’s Everything. It’s your Soul’s seed needing to blossom and find its True Expression. This is the Sacred Self coming into fully alive – finally!

In listening to and answering the Call of my Soul to find my Great Story, I discovered a new Pathway to Inner Transformation. One that fully encompasses with compassion both the past and the future. As well as how to live all my Grace and Passion in the here and now.

What does the Great Story Adventure look like?

The Heroine’s Great Story Coaching Adventure is the Pathway! Here’s how it unfolds in three distinct segments during this exciting six month Journey:

heroines-facePart I. Reviewing your past with a Heroine’s Life Review to reveal the experiences of wounding that blocked the full expression of your true Passion and led to choices of living in victimhood or endless striving. We’ve all been hurt and in that vulnerability, have formed strategies to create safety and situations that are comfortable, although not necessarily fulfilling. By understanding your past choices and the limits of them, you can begin to forgive, let go and begin the journey to embody your Great Story.

heroines-boquetPart II. We look at your Passion – the genuine kind that fuels your curiosity and aliveness. When you are fully connected to it, you can name your Triumph, a place to live fully and authentically. Your Grace, comes from the natural place of your inner Strengths and Powers, and is a bright guide to fulfilling this Vision.

heroines-feetPart III. We pull together and interweave statements of these Inner Truths to illuminate the Vision of your Great Story. We find Choices of Intention and Action, grounded in authentic motivation and create an alliance with your Future Self, that will help you manifest living here – in your thoughts, beliefs, decisions and habits. You fall in love with and become the Future Self you’ve imagined.

Deluxe Heroine’s Great Story Coaching Adventure
Take the Adventure with me as your Great Story guide!

On this six month adventure I give you the tools and support you need to fully integrate and live your Great Story, including two extraordinary Custom True Life Retreats in southwest Colorado, at a private lakeside house with your own room/bath, 3 delicious meals a day, and use of all the property facilities, with me as your Great Story Coach.

In between the 2 Retreats, you’ll receive 14 weekly Great Story Coaching sessions over 4 months. This step-by-step process uncovers the key patterns and beliefs that created your life so far, and reveals the unique blueprint for naming your Triumph, Passion and Grace – the components of living your Great Story.

These encompass:

  • Reveal the Grand Design of your life, and the core learning your Soul is longing for you to experience,
  • Learn a new framework for the “Who, What, Why, and How” of your unique story,
  • Unlock the passions that connect you to your divine flow,
  • Free yourself from the need to prove anything so you can get off the hamster wheel of excessive “doing” and replace struggle with joyful, rewarding effort,
  • Discover the key elements of your Great Story and how to put them all together,
  • Identify the specific personal triumph that will unlock a life‐changing shift of being,
  • Learn how to embody your Great Story in a genuine way, and feed it every day,
  • See how your personal Great Story is part of the unfolding Global Great Story of our time, and claim the unique role you came to play.

You receive the complete map to get there!

Wondering about your Retreat Home?


I am sharing my secret treasure location here in Colorado for your Great Story Adventure to begin and end!

To begin your Great Story Adventure, we step away on a 3 day/2 night Custom Retreat in southwestern Colorado, to a setting of pure beauty and peacefulness at our private lakeside home. Here you deepen your relationship with yourself and with the expansive, healing power of Nature. Together we set a safe, loving and intimate environment to explore your Soul’s Calling. And after 4 months of on-going Great Story Coaching, we return to complete the Journey, locking in all the learning and freedom of living your Triumph!

At Willowtail Springs there are many places to sink into the quiet listening that opens you to abundant possibilities and new discoveries about your most fulfilling path. Your time will be a balanced blend of Great Story Coaching, sharing conscious conversation, fun activities, and intentional time in solitude to commune with the natural world.

The Lake House, a fully furnished home, will be our base, with its dramatic mountain and lake views and the large outdoor deck. Delicious fresh, locally-made breads, eggs, coffee and juices are provided for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are prepared and provided as well. There is a boat and a canoe for just relaxing or for fishing in the stocked lake (catch and release with barbless hooks.) There’s plenty of instant gratification as the fish are abundant and biting! The property abounds with many types of birds from eagles to owls to songbirds to ducks to hummingbirds and herons. The gardens are lush with hammocks and benches carefully placed for enjoying the grounds. And the soothing hot tub sits on a rock outcropping above the lake and is a special spot for stargazing after dark.




In addition to the 2 Retreats and 4 months of coaching, you will also receive:

  • 6 months of Guidance from your Great Story Coach Victoria, who brings 15 years of coaching and wisdom to your Journey of Freedom and Choice.
  • Written documents and weekly accountability such as journaling and reflective exercises to keep your learning alive and in motion.
  • The Heroine’s Journey Video Series– 3 dynamic videos that take you through this timeless, archetypal feminine Journey.
  • 10% off a group True Life Retreat within 1 year of the start of your Coaching commitment.
  • Priority access by email and 3 On-Demand 10 minute Laser Coaching appointments.
  • Having a Champion for your Unconditional Success – planting the Unwavering Stake in the Ground of Knowing you can Live your Great Story!


When you say Yes to this 6 month Great Story Adventure, like so many of my clients, your life with be truly transformed. The waiting will be over… you will have found the Breakthrough you’ve been seeking.

I’ll let them tell you in their own words. . .

“Victoria holds a loving and tender space for your soul to emerge from the shadows. Her curiosity and willingness to explore is the call to adventure that each of us yearns to hear. You will be in good hands with Victoria as your guide to your Great Story!”
Carol Ross,


“The value of my Custom Retreat was off the charts! I don’t see myself in the same light as before. I arrived ready to let go of learned behavior and take the steps to truly honor myself. With Victoria gently guiding me through some rough waters, I came away from the retreat with increased awareness and a new understanding of me. I continue to find new value in each day. When you’re ready to look honestly and deeply within, wonders appear and old beliefs fall away. I can’t begin to thank Victoria for the difference she has made in my life.”
Gwen Williams, Durango CO

Imagine the freedom of releasing the overcoming and victim stories that have limited your life experience until now, embracing all the very best of who you are and finally stepping onto a higher landscape to genuinely be and live as your True Self!

It is time to move beyond limitations, accepting and loving all the parts of yourself, into a new landscape of wholeness and beauty, where you Breakthrough to your Great Story!

Are you ready to begin?

Click here to complete the confidential Great Story Application process. Once I’ve reviewed it I will contact you to set up your Complimentary Discovery Session. We’ll have a soulful conversation to guide you to the next step to starting your Great Story Coaching Adventure.